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  • Map Posters
  • Address: Kleine Lei 19C, 2870 Ruisbroek, België
  • Mail address: info [at]
  • Company no.: 0805.582.921
  • VAT BE 0805.582.921

Article 1: General provisions

The e-commerce websites of Map Posters, a one-man business as a complementary activity with its registered office at Gérard Willemotlaan 104 C 9030 Ghent, VAT BE 0764.435.323, offers its customers the opportunity to purchase the products on its e-commerce services platform online at the websites and The two websites are identical, differing only in language. The Customer can use both websites.

The present General Terms and Conditions ('Conditions') apply to any order placed by a visitor to these e-commerce websites ('Customer'). The creation of an account (see Article 4) is considered an order, even if it is free of charge. When placing an order via the Map Posters service platform, the Customer must expressly accept these Terms and Conditions, thereby agreeing to the applicability of these Terms and Conditions to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. Any additional conditions of the Customer are excluded unless they have been previously accepted by Map Posters in writing and expressly.

The Customer expressly acknowledges having read these Terms and Conditions and accepting them in their entirety and without reservation. This is done by checking the General Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy, including the cookie policy, before the customer places his or her order.

Map Posters undertakes to always append the General Terms and Conditions to the proof of purchase. If this is not the case, the customer can request these terms and condition electronically. However, these terms and conditions remain valid as the customer had to agree to them when placing the order. The terms and condition are always available on this website.

In the event of a breach of any of these general conditions, Map Posters is authorised to exclude the Customer from using the websites and to take the necessary actions to this end.

In case any part of these terms and conditions are removed or adapted, the remaining parts remain valid.

The Customer will not share any content of the websites with third parties for commercial purposes, such as images, text, files, information, advertisements, links, logos, unless you have received explicit permission from Map Posters.

When using all Map Posters services, the Customer agrees not to do the following:

  • Violate any applicable law or regulation
  • Publish or distribute information without having the rights to do so or which infringe on intellectual property rights, copyrights or privacy rights.
  • Publish or distribute information that is or may be false, fraudulent, unreliable or harmful
  • Use or share information about and from others for personal, commercial, business or publicity purposes that violates the privacy of those others, such as usernames, passwords, email addresses, ...
  • Reproduce information, pages, tools, code, software, and other parts of the websites or the whole in other media, both off- and online, without the permission of Map Posters.
  • Removing or blocking advertisements or other information from and on the websites.

All content on the websites, the underlying software, and all affiliated materials are copyrighted by Map Posters. Map Posters reserves all rights not expressly granted.

Article 2: Prices

All prices stated are in EURO and always include VAT and all other duties or taxes that the Customer is obliged to pay.

If delivery, reservation or administrative costs are charged, this will be stated separately.

The price stated relates exclusively to the articles as described verbatim.

The price of the offer is posted on the website.

Article 3: Offer of products

The data shown on the "Poster Editor" are taken from external databases and are therefore not under the control of Map Posters. Consequently, any errors that may exist in external databases are not binding on Map Posters.

Despite the fact that the online catalog and the e-commerce websites are compiled with the greatest possible care, it is possible that the information provided may be incomplete, contain material errors, or not be up to date. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind Map Posters. As far as the correctness and completeness of the information offered are concerned, Map Posters is only bound to a best efforts obligation. Map Posters is in no way liable for obvious material errors, typographical errors or misprints.

All images of products, shown on any page including but not limited to the "Poster Editor", are an indication of the end result. Map Posters can not guarantee the colors shown on a computer monitor are accurate and exactly the same as the printed end product.

Map Posters reserves the right to refuse the execution of an order or to revise it if the execution does not lead to the desired result. In this case, Map Posters will always contact the Customer without this resulting in any additional costs for the Customer.

The Customer can cancel his or her order on condition that the production of the order has not yet started. To this end, the Customer must contact Map Posters directly via the channels provided/mentioned on the website on which the Customer placed its order.

The details will be posted on the website.

Article 4: Online purchases

The Map Posters websites offer the Customer the opportunity to order products from the offer (see Article 3: Offer of products) by electronic agreement. Map Poster then confirms by electronic means the correct receipt of the acceptance of the offer. Without this confirmation, the Customer can dissolve the contract.

All data that is sent, processed and saved electronically to be able to complete the agreement, will always take place in a secure manner. This will be achieved by Map Posters by means of a secure web environment. The payment is arranged through the online payment platform 'Mollie'. The payment options here are: Bancontact, KBC/CBC Pay Button, Belfius Pay Button, PayPal, iDEAL and SOFORT Banking. It is not possible to pay in cash.

Map Posters is entitled to refuse an order as a result of a serious shortcoming on the part of the Customer with respect to orders involving the Customer.

In order to conclude an agreement, the Customer must provide his personal details via an online form. Map Posters will ensure that this takes place via a secure page. The Customer undertakes to complete these details fully and correctly in order to be able to process the order correctly. If the Customer has entered incorrect or incomplete information and has not informed Map Posters of this or has done so late, the Customer will always have to pay the additional costs (e.g. incorrect delivery address). If the Customer fails to pay these additional costs, Map Posters reserves the right to cancel the entire agreement without any compensation to the Customer.

The execution time (production time), mentioned below in Article 5, starts from the moment the Customer has received a confirmation of the order. This is always after the Customer has completed payment.

If the payment was not successful, expired or was cancelled, a line is displayed indicating the unsuccessful payment. A link is also displayed where the payment can be continued.

The price indicated for each product is binding at the time the Customer places the order. Map Posters reserves the right to adjust the prices of the products on the website, to add new products to the offer or to carry out, modify or abolish promotional campaigns on all the products offered.

Article 5: Delivery and performance of the contract

Once your payment has been confirmed by the banking authority at Map Posters, the Customer will receive a confirmation email.

This acknowledgement of receipt serves as the starting point of the contract between Map Posters and the Customer. As of this starting point, Map Posters is legally obliged to deliver the purchased products within thirty days. If this deadline cannot be met, the customer will be informed accordingly and may dissolve the agreement made without any additional costs.

The Customer can waive the agreement made if Map Posters has not yet started production of the custom-made products. This is possible by contacting Map Posters by e-mail or by means of the contact form on the website. This must clearly state the customer's details in order to be able to terminate the agreement. The Customer will be informed by e-mail when the production of the order has been started.

The products will be delivered to the address that the client has made known to Map Posters. The risk of damage and/or loss of the sent products lies with Map Posters until the delivery of the products. The client is obliged to check any damage in the presence of the courier and to state this on the proof of delivery.

All delivery periods mentioned are always indicative. The customer cannot derive any rights from these delivery periods.

Article 6: Right of withdrawal

The Customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for the delivery of custom-made products, if the production has started with the Customer's express prior consent and provided that the Customer has acknowledged the loss of his right of withdrawal.

By subscribing to the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer gives his consent to the immediate execution of the contract and acknowledges the loss of his right to withdraw from the contract once the production of the order has begun.

Article 7: Customer service

The Map Posters customer service may be contacted on the following number +32 494 31 69 22 (be sure to leave a voicemail), by email at info [at] or by post at the following address Gérard Willemotlaan 104 box C, 9030 Mariakerke. Any complaints may be addressed to this address

Article 8: Penalties for non-payment

Without prejudice to the exercise of any other rights available to Map Posters, in the event of non-payment or late payment, the Customer will be liable, as of the date of the non-payment, by operation of law and without a reminder, to interest on the unpaid amount at the rate of 10% per year. In addition, the Customer shall be liable, automatically and without warning, to a fixed indemnity of 10% of the amount in question, with a minimum of €25 per invoice.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, Map Posters reserves the right to take back the subscription and/or products that have not been paid for (in full).

Article 9: Privacy

The responsible for data processing at Map Posters respects the General Data Protection Regulation and the Belgian Privacy Act of 30 July 2018.

We consider your privacy very and describe in detail how we process your data in our privacy policy:

Article 10: Use of cookies

Our websites use cookies and similar technologies. This helps us to provide you with a better user experience when you visit our Websites and also allows us to optimize our Websites. Without your prior consent, we only place purely functional cookies that are necessary for our Websites to work correctly. For all other cookies, we first ask your permission.

For an overview of all the cookies that our websites place on your device, please refer to our Cookie Policy:

On your first visit to our websites, you will be asked to accept our cookies. You can subsequently manage your choices yourself at any time.

You can set your Internet browser so that cookies are not accepted, that you receive a warning when a cookie is installed or that the cookies are subsequently removed from your hard disk. You can do this through your browser settings (via the help function). Please note that certain graphic elements may not appear correctly or that you may not be able to use certain applications.

Article 11: Invalidity - non-waivers

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid, unlawful or void, this will not affect in any way the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions.

The failure at any time by Map Posters to enforce any of the rights enumerated in these Conditions, or to exercise any of them, will never be regarded as a waiver of any of the rights enumerated in these Conditions.

Article 12: Amendments to the Terms and Conditions

These Conditions are supplemented by other conditions which are explicitly referred to, such as the privacy policy and cookie policy, and the general conditions of sale of Map Posters. In case of contradiction, these conditions will prevail.

Article 13: Applicable law - Disputes

Belgian law shall apply, with the exception of the provisions of international private law concerning applicable law. Any disputes can only be settled under the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.

The courts of the Consumer's place of residence are competent in case of legal disputes. The Consumer may also turn to the ODR platform (